Finally 15

Tomorrow, I will be blowing out 15 candles. I won’t be celebrating with friends until next weekend, however. I plan to go with 2 or 3 of my friends to get mani-pedis and sleep over at my house! We got new furniture, and it looks great in our living room, but we haven’t gotten rid of the other couch and accent chair yet, and I hope those things are gone by my sleepover. Also, I am going to get a new light for my room, and a rug sometime in the next few days. I’ll show you what they look like!

Crystal Wave 4-light Ceiling Chandelier

Threshold™ Fretwork Rug

figured that out the other day haha. )

Okay, so my room is a vivid Tiffany Blue color with pops of black, white, grey, and, of course, sparkle! I am going to go over my walls with a Valspar sparkle pack for my walls. My room will look great for my party!

For my birthday we are going to have strawberry and honey-dew fruit kabobs along with potato chips, vegetables with dip, cupcakes, and roasted pecans . For drinks, I’ll get mason jars , paint our names on them, poke holes through the lid, and insert straws. We will have grapefruit juice, and Cinderella Lemonade. (It’s called Cinderella Lemonade because of the color if you didn’t notice . I just

Tiffany Punch. Equal parts Blue Hawaiian Punch and Country Time Lemonade - Wouldn't this be cute for an engagement party, wedding shower, or girls' night in?




(listen while reading)

Hey girlies!

So, school has begun, and I am now adjusted to the schedule. My life is finally falling into place since I am so much more confident now. There are really only 4 or 5 people who still bully me now, but I really don’t pay that much attention to them anyways, so who cares? I will just turn this into an advice/ journal .

So, I saw a picture on Instagram of some french macaroons a girl I know got. Well, I am going to make my own today or tomorrow, and I’m gonna bring them to school on Monday ! They will be ah-dorable mini orange-strawberry ones. They will have an orange filling with the strawberry cookies sandwiching it. Now that I think of it, I’ll put some pearl sprinkles on it too! I’ll share some during the day with a few of my friends, and keep them in my backpack to snack on, too ! Maybe I’ll start a trend with macaroons!

Also, I am going to begin skating again. I found some gorgeous dresses from Etsy I could use for figure skating. I found some great music from the Alice in Wonderland movie (original cartoon one!)

Also, next month is my birthday!  Not sure what I want to do yet.. I might have a big sleepover and that’s it. Sleepovers are always a favorite. However, my family has been asking and asking what I want for my birthday! I have no clue! Leave some ideas below? I know I want a dress from Etsy for skating.  I might want some gift cards, but I really don’t know what else!




Blue! Tiffany blue, royal blue, navy blue, neon aqua…… all of it!

Getting ready for fall

Straight hair

Rival football games

Being a star on the ice

Hanging out with older kids from my hs.

Being an autumnal fashion/beauty goddess!

Socializing with everyone!


Letting people get to me

Curly hair

Not being myself

Not being social

Not using spare time to read

Book I’m about to start : Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

I read Lock & Key and I kinda liked it, but I found that the ending was incomplete, and I still had unanswered questions.

Favorite song: I have 2 ! Break Free by Ariana Grande , and Rather Be by Clear Bandit ( I think?  I might be wrong!!)


large (1)

Summertime can be such a snooze sometimes. Especially when friends go on vacation, or are at camp, ect.  So, why don’t we have a meetup on Omegle? To RSVP, you must re-post this post, (on ), and comment below!

On Thursday, July 31, I will be on under the interest “glamorouswordpressgirls”   I cannot wait to meet some of you there! I will be on at 8:30 EST . Be there, or be an LBR. < < kidding! I just really would love to meet you girls face to face! Plus, it’ll give  ALL of us a chance to get to know each other! I’ll be signing off at 10:30 EST on Thursday, but I might end up staying on later if a lot of us are on!!
-The new me


PS: Make sure you are on the website with the correct interest. If you need help, comment below. I will have my dashboard up on stand-by while chatting!

Almost There


August 8th is high school orientation, and August 11th is the first day of school. My new debut of the “new me” is nearing by the hour. My appearances will be a considerable portion of how people will view my new self.  I will strut into that school like no one bothers me. When I push open the doors and make my way up the staircase, I will be the main attraction- charm, grace, talent, looks, and an overall lovable new me. I know no one will have the audacity to bully or put me down- never again!


Onto a softer note,  I got my contact lenses today, which is really great! I like them a lot, so far. Tomorrow, I am going to Ulta , and I plan on choosing a few new hair products, like a new heat protector because the spritzer broke on mine, along with deep conditioner, and maybe another product. I will post a mini “haul” the next time I check back into WordPress! I also am going to pick up a new foundation, foundation brush, eyebrow pencil, and some nail polishes.


I hope to open a new business of some sort- not sure what I’ll do, but I’d like to earn some money so I can donate a percentage to the animal shelter. I love animals so much! I would take a bunch of them in if I could, but 2 cats and a bouncy, springy beagle are enough for my house! I might sell crafts, or maybe babysit. If I sell some type of product, I could always search on Pinterest for ideas that I would be able to incorporate into design.


Anyways, I hope everyone has been enjoying this summer 2014 break!

Au Reviore

– The New Me ajax-heart-white-be97dcbe7229127b0bed02c130926000


Still here!


Hi chicas!

Yes, I am still here! I have been going through my transformation. Since I first started posting, I got a dog! My first one ever- she’s a beagle mix, and we rescued her. She’s sooo ah-dorable, and she makes funny faces all the time 😛 .  I dress her up in cute outfits all the time- after all, why not dress in style if your already living a stylish life? I spoil her so much . She and I have been going running a lot lately, to keep myself in shape for soccer, and to keep her from gaining weight.

It is July 1st already!! WOW! I cannot wait for autumn though- I am so excited! To make money to contribute to my “preppy-sporty- chic” transformation, I am getting a jobby! (job/hobby) . I am going to find free/ cheap furniture, give them a total makeover, and sell them for a higher price-meaning a big profit! It’ll help make cash super quick, and I love painting, crafts, and being creative overall, so it’ll be a lot of fun!  I will also use this money to go towards soccer related things.

Speaking of making money, I am going to grow out my hair to my elbows and then cut it up to my collar bone. That will be about 12 inches of hair which I can sell! I am selling it to a company which makes discounted wigs for cancer patients. I should make approx. $1,000 . I will put 600 in the bank, and use the rest for my transformation!  When I cut it, I will always straighten it for school, and use good products. My hair “inspiration” is Blair Waldorf. I will wear headbands and bows a lot, but also “poufs” sometimes.

Yes, this is a short post, but I will update soon!

Au Reviore!

(I’m taking French this year, I’m sure Massie would approve)



Spring Formal Next Weekend :D



Spring formal at my school is quickly approaching, and I am really excited to go! I can’t wait to hang out with the whole school at my country club. My favorite part about special occasions is probably dressing up. Can’t wait to be the life of the party, because I am really going to shine at this dance. A lot of people wear really elaborate dresses, but I have decided to keep my outfit classy and simple. Read on to see my outfit plan, hair, makeup, and extra ideas!



Dress: J Crew

Girls' embroidered dress

Shoes: Shoe Carnival

Accessories : Simple pearl necklace

I plan to have my hair in loose curls with my bangs to the side, paired with a simple headband. Think “Blair Waldorf” from Gossip Girl

I am very pale, and I would use self tanner, but since I’ll be wearing a white dress, I’m very afraid that the solution may rub off on it, causing unsightly streaks. I will probably get a spray tan from a local spa the day before.

Since I am very good at doing my nails, I’ll do a french manicure and pedicure, and pamper my toes with a paraffin wax treatment.

For makeup, I want a simple look. Most girls are going all out, kids at my school have this “prom” mentality for formal which is odd in my opinion, but I just ignore it. No way am I doing a black smokey eye.

My makeup idea:

(BB cream all over face and neck

Concealer over any blemishes if any, and under eyes

Light dusting of Bare Mineral Veil powder

Sweetie Pie Eyelure Katy Perry faux eyelashes

Shimmery champagne color eye-shadow on lid,light brown in crease

Very thin line of  brown or black liquid eyeliner

black mascara,

Light pink lipgloss)

Yes, I know it is a lot of makeup, but I think it will look really nice, and bring out my features.  Besides, its not like I’m wearing thick winged eyeliner, and black kohl pencil on my waterline, haha .




Spring Break + A Not So Little Lie


Ann Tichy | via Tumblr



APRIL 12, 2014  10:10 AM

I type away with my gold glitter tipped, gold metallic, and pink ombre nails. Sophie, my beagle mix is curled up next to me, snoozing away. I am currently still in my pj’s. (Black VS yoga pants, sky blue cami from Aeropostale, and black burnout cheetah print top, so the blue cami shows through)


Spring break is here, y’all! It is absolutely beautiful where I live. Dogwood trees are in full bloom, as Sophie and I saw on our jog this morning. I had to carry her up the hill because she wouldn’t go in the right direction!  Today, I have a soccer game, which I am really excited for! This will be our second game of the season, and the second game I have ever played! We won our first game, thanks to me passing the ball to the striker, who got our last goal! I am doing pretty well, don’t you think? I am still learning though. I plan to keep running every morning doing fartleks (google it).


Other than that, this week has gone smoothly. I can’t wait to begin relaxing, and enjoying this spring break 2o14! However, unlike EVERYONE else at my school, I will be staying home the ENTIRE TIME ! D: . This is where the little white lie comes in. I said we’d be going to DC on our way to Martha’s Vinyard.  Yeah, dumb, I  know.  I said we’d be leaving after the game today. I even screenshotted pictures on instagram from Martha’s Vinyard to post on Instagram!  I told my mom and she said she wouldn’t lie for me if anyone asked, which I understand, but am still mad about. I haven’t told my dad though. He’s the one taking me to the game today. He normally doesn’t talk to the other parents very much, except for small talk, which I’m nervous about. I just hope he doesn’t talk to my best friend’s parents. I told my BFF that lie, too. I have never told a lie this big before!!! I am extremely nervous, and I hope I just don’t get caught. I told the lie because I felt really left out because our family didn’t have any plans.


On the bright side, however, I will be ordering some monogram tops from Etsy, selling my Zuca bag, and buying some things from Vinyard Vines this spring break!! Also, I will be using some of my Christmas money to get a pedicure. I don’t like getting manicures because I like to do my nails myself, and countless times, there have been language barrier issues between the manicurist and I. For example, if I asked for polka dots, they would just put a flower on my nails and say its done, in which case I leave bad reviews on their salon website, and other sites with their information. However, I normally just get a plain color with no design, and do the design myself, at home for my toes. That way,it is much easier. Plus, I love to use the massage chairs, I wish I had one, haha!



So, in all, this spring break will be okay, I guess.  At least I only have one project for this week! However, it is on any character in this awful, trashy book about dilinquent kids, called The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton . It is THE worst book I have ever read! I can see why my amateur English teacher chose it.  (Because the kids at my school are low-class, bitchy, racist, ugly, fat, ghetto people. Except for my best  friend! Which is why I’m excited to go to my high school, which  is in my district, like the middle school I went to at the beginning of the year, which is full of middle-high class kids. That middle school is the only school “draining” into the high school I’m attending, thank God, which, chances are,  means that only middle – high class students will be attending!) Anyways, back to the English teacher.  She is like 24, and has a kid from when she was 15 or 16 !! She isn’t even married!!  She waits ’til the day before midterms and the end of the 9 weeks to enter our grades, which irritates me, and she has a second job at Bob Evans because she can’t support herself and her kid on one job!  I feel for her daughter, she will have a hard life ahead of her. Also, our teacher can’t control our class, which is full of low-class people, except for me. They are soo trashy! They have country accents and its so awful. Not even a sweet country accent! They’re accents are like redneck, Duck Dynasty accents.  She needs to be fired. I even do my own book reports NOT FOR CLASS, just for me, because I can’t handle not learning anything in class! My state testing this year will be down the drain for English. I have learned nothing in her class. I just sit and wait for class to be over because all we have done this year is read that awful book and talk . What a disgrace! It gives that school a bad name, and I will tell other kids from my old school how awful it is, and how low their standards are. I have downloaded an English and Math program on my laptop to help me excel. ( I am average at math. I have a C D: )  The reason why I have the English program on my computer  is obvious.




PS: If you read my rant, I am sorry for wasting your time.