ajax-heart-white-be97dcbe7229127b0bed02c130926000It all started with an awful rumor. Over the summer, there was a page on Instagram about kids at my school, saying creepy, or awful things. Who made it? I don’t know. The only thing I am certain of is that countless people think it’s me. That page is gone now, but thanks to the mean popular girls at my school who have bullied me since 4th grade, I have even had to switch schools this year. Death threats, awful rumors, and 1 or 2 friends I can fully depend on at my previous school, life in my shoes has been pretty bad.

I was pretty popular in 6th grade. TONS of friends, a fresh start, you know how it is. Popularity felt amazing. For some reason though, my status started very slowly going downhill. Social classes and groups changed.. Unpopular people became popular, and popular girls stayed at the top of the hierarchy.

What’s my point though? Well, I plan to become the most popular girl in the 9th grade this fall, and no one is stopping me. I plan to “out-popular” those girls, and make friends with their friends until I steal their spot, or spread an awful rumor about them around like they did to me. I’ll make sure even the seniors know about it! Massie Block from The Clique  and Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars are my new role models.  I want to be as popular and pretty as them .

I want to be the queen bee of my school- the it girl- the girl everyone wants to be, and every guy wants to have. I have literally read every single popularity article on WikiHow, and have made some progress. Also, I plan to stop posting selfies on my Instagram until the first day of school, when I debut my new self.-new looks, personality, and friends.  I will take tons of photos over the summer, however. I’ll be ditching my glasses, and getting contacts soon. Also, I’ll be getting braces sometime soon (before this summer?)  for super straight teeth.

My best friend from my new school will be coming to the same high school as me this fall, so I am excited! One thing though.. She’s kinda a dork. I plan to give her a makeover over the summer, too. Nice and fresh to match me.Hopefully she’ll rub off on me. The only thing I don’t like about her is her stupid laugh. It irritates me, but we’ll work on that, too.  We have joined a sport together and we intend to play on our high school’s soccer league. Not only for fitness, but for extra connections, and fitness.

(EDIT: That girl has problems, I have dropped her!! She smokes, and is an awful influence. Also, she drew creepy pictures of people!!!! )

No one except for me knows about this blog.

If you have any ideas on how to help me achieve my goal, please comment, or fill out this form. I’d REALLY appreciate it!!!

I’ll follow you, and like 5 of your most recent posts, and comment on at least 1 if you fill out a form, and provide useful (not mean, or unhelpful ) information, tips, tricks, ect.

QOTD: What do popular girls at your school look/act like? Are you popular?


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