A Transformation Like No Other



I plan to really put my all into the future me. This spring break to help me become stronger for soccer, I am going to start running half a mile twice a day every day. I have decided I will be selling I will be selling my Zuca sports bag- I don’t skate anymore, so there’s no reason to waste space! Plus, I can  use some of the money for my transformation! This summer, to keep myself up on my academics, I am going to read some novels over summer, and also finish the rest of my math book over summer. Yes, I may sound like a nerd, but I really want to be ahead of my peers.

I am coming up with a list of comebacks. Original ones!!

For example, if someone I hate says “Good morning”

I’ll say “It was until you came.”  I would ONLY say that to anyone who has done something awful to me.

Ideas on comebacks? Comment a few original ones, and I’ll choose a few people’s blogs to follow/ comment/ like posts.




5 thoughts on “A Transformation Like No Other

  1. Well, I hate when I try to be nice to some people an d they try and say I’m jealous of them, I just reply, ‘Please do not try and flatter yourself.’ That’s all I can remember rn lol!

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