Still here!


Hi chicas!

Yes, I am still here! I have been going through my transformation. Since I first started posting, I got a dog! My first one ever- she’s a beagle mix, and we rescued her. She’s sooo ah-dorable, and she makes funny faces all the time 😛 .  I dress her up in cute outfits all the time- after all, why not dress in style if your already living a stylish life? I spoil her so much . She and I have been going running a lot lately, to keep myself in shape for soccer, and to keep her from gaining weight.

It is July 1st already!! WOW! I cannot wait for autumn though- I am so excited! To make money to contribute to my “preppy-sporty- chic” transformation, I am getting a jobby! (job/hobby) . I am going to find free/ cheap furniture, give them a total makeover, and sell them for a higher price-meaning a big profit! It’ll help make cash super quick, and I love painting, crafts, and being creative overall, so it’ll be a lot of fun!  I will also use this money to go towards soccer related things.

Speaking of making money, I am going to grow out my hair to my elbows and then cut it up to my collar bone. That will be about 12 inches of hair which I can sell! I am selling it to a company which makes discounted wigs for cancer patients. I should make approx. $1,000 . I will put 600 in the bank, and use the rest for my transformation!  When I cut it, I will always straighten it for school, and use good products. My hair “inspiration” is Blair Waldorf. I will wear headbands and bows a lot, but also “poufs” sometimes.

Yes, this is a short post, but I will update soon!

Au Reviore!

(I’m taking French this year, I’m sure Massie would approve)




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