Almost There


August 8th is high school orientation, and August 11th is the first day of school. My new debut of the “new me” is nearing by the hour. My appearances will be a considerable portion of how people will view my new self.  I will strut into that school like no one bothers me. When I push open the doors and make my way up the staircase, I will be the main attraction- charm, grace, talent, looks, and an overall lovable new me. I know no one will have the audacity to bully or put me down- never again!


Onto a softer note,  I got my contact lenses today, which is really great! I like them a lot, so far. Tomorrow, I am going to Ulta , and I plan on choosing a few new hair products, like a new heat protector because the spritzer broke on mine, along with deep conditioner, and maybe another product. I will post a mini “haul” the next time I check back into WordPress! I also am going to pick up a new foundation, foundation brush, eyebrow pencil, and some nail polishes.


I hope to open a new business of some sort- not sure what I’ll do, but I’d like to earn some money so I can donate a percentage to the animal shelter. I love animals so much! I would take a bunch of them in if I could, but 2 cats and a bouncy, springy beagle are enough for my house! I might sell crafts, or maybe babysit. If I sell some type of product, I could always search on Pinterest for ideas that I would be able to incorporate into design.


Anyways, I hope everyone has been enjoying this summer 2014 break!

Au Reviore

– The New Me ajax-heart-white-be97dcbe7229127b0bed02c130926000



2 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Hey Girl!
    I really hope everything goes as planned, have fun in highschool and most importantly, make friendships that will last. I’m junior this year, so if you need an advice, just ask ;). I’m sure you will turn heads the first day 😉
    Love, Ana

  2. Hey honey!
    I’m so proud of you becoming a person you wanted to be and thinking ‘I’m going to do this.’ It takes a strong person to actually do that. Remember, don’t be cruel, remember who you are, and have fun :). On a lighter note as well, I run a small business to make money that is fun and money making. If you are sixteen, you are able to be a barista at Starbucks! Trust me, it’s not all that bad, you are surrounded by sweet smells, there are nice people there, and I’m pretty sure you can get a discount. I’d also love to see a before and after list of things about you in the next post!

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