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Hey girlies!

So, school has begun, and I am now adjusted to the schedule. My life is finally falling into place since I am so much more confident now. There are really only 4 or 5 people who still bully me now, but I really don’t pay that much attention to them anyways, so who cares? I will just turn this into an advice/ journal .

So, I saw a picture on Instagram of some french macaroons a girl I know got. Well, I am going to make my own today or tomorrow, and I’m gonna bring them to school on Monday ! They will be ah-dorable mini orange-strawberry ones. They will have an orange filling with the strawberry cookies sandwiching it. Now that I think of it, I’ll put some pearl sprinkles on it too! I’ll share some during the day with a few of my friends, and keep them in my backpack to snack on, too ! Maybe I’ll start a trend with macaroons!

Also, I am going to begin skating again. I found some gorgeous dresses from Etsy I could use for figure skating. I found some great music from the Alice in Wonderland movie (original cartoon one!)

Also, next month is my birthday!  Not sure what I want to do yet.. I might have a big sleepover and that’s it. Sleepovers are always a favorite. However, my family has been asking and asking what I want for my birthday! I have no clue! Leave some ideas below? I know I want a dress from Etsy for skating.  I might want some gift cards, but I really don’t know what else!




Blue! Tiffany blue, royal blue, navy blue, neon aqua…… all of it!

Getting ready for fall

Straight hair

Rival football games

Being a star on the ice

Hanging out with older kids from my hs.

Being an autumnal fashion/beauty goddess!

Socializing with everyone!


Letting people get to me

Curly hair

Not being myself

Not being social

Not using spare time to read

Book I’m about to start : Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

I read Lock & Key and I kinda liked it, but I found that the ending was incomplete, and I still had unanswered questions.

Favorite song: I have 2 ! Break Free by Ariana Grande , and Rather Be by Clear Bandit ( I think?  I might be wrong!!)


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