Finally 15

Tomorrow, I will be blowing out 15 candles. I won’t be celebrating with friends until next weekend, however. I plan to go with 2 or 3 of my friends to get mani-pedis and sleep over at my house! We got new furniture, and it looks great in our living room, but we haven’t gotten rid of the other couch and accent chair yet, and I hope those things are gone by my sleepover. Also, I am going to get a new light for my room, and a rug sometime in the next few days. I’ll show you what they look like!

Crystal Wave 4-light Ceiling Chandelier

Threshold™ Fretwork Rug

figured that out the other day haha. )

Okay, so my room is a vivid Tiffany Blue color with pops of black, white, grey, and, of course, sparkle! I am going to go over my walls with a Valspar sparkle pack for my walls. My room will look great for my party!

For my birthday we are going to have strawberry and honey-dew fruit kabobs along with potato chips, vegetables with dip, cupcakes, and roasted pecans . For drinks, I’ll get mason jars , paint our names on them, poke holes through the lid, and insert straws. We will have grapefruit juice, and Cinderella Lemonade. (It’s called Cinderella Lemonade because of the color if you didn’t notice . I just

Tiffany Punch. Equal parts Blue Hawaiian Punch and Country Time Lemonade - Wouldn't this be cute for an engagement party, wedding shower, or girls' night in?





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