I am sitting on our accent chair, laptop at hand, and canine companion by my side, listening to Gossip Girl play on Netflix as I type this entry. If I must say so myself, this year has gone splendidly. I have been graciously invited to many events and clubs out of school, so a believe that must be an accolade of my progress. I have gained a sense of camaraderie among my friends. Now that my work is paying off, it is time for a little change. As you may have noticed, my writing came to a halt a couple months ago. That was temporary, hence this post now. Although, I have some news; I will be blogging as Massie Block . I have had a ¬†Massie Block blog before, and roleplaying as her boosted my confidence. Before I knew it, I was narrating my own life! Its amazing how much writing can change you, which is why I’d like to write as her again. I am eager to begin, and I will provide a link to my blog in the near future.

Thank you so much for helping me along the way. This will not be my last post, as I will continue to write for this blog.




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