My everyday makeup is natural looking. I like doll-like lashes, but not spider lashes or clumpy lashes! I do wear a lot of makeup, but I make it look neat, and simple.


First I apply a nickel-sized amount of Maybelline BB cream

Then, I use an HD concealer from NYX

After dusting on some Tarte Amazonian Clay powder blush in Blissful (light,natural coral), I apply powder

I always use my Bare Minerals powder using a fan brush for a velvet-y finish

Afterwards, for the eyes, I occasionally use an angled brush and a black eyeshadow and press it into my lash line. I  use it as “eyeliner” for a more subtle look. I don’t like the harsh, dark line liquid liner has to offer!

Then, I use The Rocket by Maybelline, or any other good drugstore mascara, since I replace my mascara every 4 months. Don’t want to waste money!

Then, I use a pencil and go over my eyebrows, then comb them to get rid of any harsh pencil lines.

Then I apply Mary Kay’s Eyebrow Gel.


That’s the finished look!





4 thoughts on “Makeup

  1. I love this makeup, but don’t hate on liquid liner. It can often offer a neater, classier look than eyeshadow as a liner. Just a tip for an upcoming alpha. xx

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