Things the future me will have

6 new pairs of good skinny jeans (including a pair of miss me)

5 new pairs of yoga pants/leggings (VS pink)

1 new pair of tan pants

3 new pairs of shorts

1 new pair of sweatpants

1 new oxford top (found one at AF)

1 new plaid top

5 new t shirts or graphic tees (no Aeropostale , or any shirts with logos)

2 new basic tops

1 new hoodie (dylans candy bar, ect.)

2 new statement necklaces

new Charm bracelet

1 new monogram Pocket tee

1 new 3 quarter zip monogram hoodie

1 new Pretty tumbler cup for tea, coffee, smoothies/ect.

1 new L.L. bean backpack

Monogram sheets for binders (DIY)

Straight collar bone length hair, up in ponytail with ribbon, or down with a bow, or headband

Pearl earrings all the time

New perfume



Lots of new friends

A good clique


New makeup routine: Bb cream( or foundation ) concealer, translucent powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipgloss., tarte cheek stain Make face look effortlessly flawless

Light tan/sunkissed look

Vacation pictures on Instagram to brag, and adorable pictures of dog + selfies to brag after summer is over.

Also, update blog, ect. !

Have weekly sleepovers

Sunglasses are a must

Bailey bow uggs ,toms ( 2 new pairs)  flats (2 new pairs) sandals (1 new pair) hunter rain boots (1 new pair) riding boots, new sperrys !!!

Go to mall a lot

Have big birthday party in the yard (birthday is in the fall)

Fix up the garden, make it look extra special, very high maintenance looking.

Wow everyone, make everything I do look effortless

Be graceful and elegant, yet fun and witty, with a little attitude.


3 thoughts on “Things the future me will have

  1. Cute list! As for the new plaid top, American eagle makes great plaid shirts and their jeans are amazing! I’m super short (5 feet haha) and they manage to fit both me and my best friend who is 5’10.
    & You’ll be surprised at Aeropostle’s new offerings. They have a Bethany Mota collection & a Pretty Little Liars collection; both of which are super cute.
    Cross country is also good way to get in shape for track; I personally don’t do it (i’m a track runner but will do it next year) & have heard nothing but great things about it.

    xo Amanda

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