Revenge + Bitch List

KC- The meanest bitch in my old school . She’s a cheerleader, and although most cheerleaders are nice, K isn’t. She is really pretty. She used to be really poor because her rich dad left her mom who is a whore, now her mom married rich. Like mother like daughter, right? In this case, it’s true. K has dated just about every eligible guy in our grade. She spread the rumor.

AS – Another bitch. Everyone talks about how she looks like she got boob and butt implants. She wears crop tops and stuff, and is a slut. She makes good grades. She spread the rumor.

TZ- She blamed me for making that Instagram page, and got mad at me. We  used to be friends. I don’t know why she believed KC and AS when she just started hanging out with them. She apologized, but I’m still somewhat mad at her.

My plan? To make these girls pay. Revenge ideas are appreciated, no matter how awful 🙂


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