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Summertime can be such a snooze sometimes. Especially when friends go on vacation, or are at camp, ect.  So, why don’t we have a meetup on Omegle? To RSVP, you must re-post this post, (on ), and comment below!

On Thursday, July 31, I will be on under the interest “glamorouswordpressgirls”   I cannot wait to meet some of you there! I will be on at 8:30 EST . Be there, or be an LBR. < < kidding! I just really would love to meet you girls face to face! Plus, it’ll give  ALL of us a chance to get to know each other! I’ll be signing off at 10:30 EST on Thursday, but I might end up staying on later if a lot of us are on!!
-The new me


PS: Make sure you are on the website with the correct interest. If you need help, comment below. I will have my dashboard up on stand-by while chatting!